Hand Fasting Colors

You should probably  choose from one to six colors which has special meaning to you “I bind you with ...” and “You are bound with ...” 

Sample Handfasting Colors

 ”You are bound with.  Black, symbolic of water, that your union may flow and fill you to your depths.  Brown, symbolic of the Earth, that your union may be dependable and grounded in reality. Brown, symbolic of tradition and nature, that you may impart your way of life and your love of the Earth to future generations.  Red, symbolic of fire, that your union may be passionate.  Orange, symbolic of warmth, that your union may be cheerful.  Orange, symbolic of social energy, that your conversations may be lively and playful.Yellow, symbolic of the sun, that your union may be warm. Yellow, symbolic of light, that your love may be a beacon of hope to those in sorrow.  Green and Yellow, symbolic colors of luck and optimism, that you may look forward to only happy accidents.  Green, symbolic of charity and generosity, that you may share of yourselves freely.  Green, symbolic of growth, that your union may be fruitful and your happiness abundant.  Green, symbolic of new beginnings, that your union may be nourishing and healing. Blue, symbolic of fidelity, that you may be steadfast and your union unbroken. Blue, symbolic of unity and harmony, that you may always be at one in your desires. Blue, symbolic of calm and confidence, that you may be at peace and believe in each other.  Light Blue and Dark Blue, symbolic of trust and truthfulness, that you may always honor your vows.  Light Blue, symbolic of study and learning, that you may always learn from each other. Light Blue and White, symbolic colors of sky and clouds, that you may have no limits on your happiness.  White, symbolic of clean beginnings, that your union may grow anew.  White, symbolic of purity in word, thought, and deed.  White, symbolic of air, that your union may be filled with spirit. Gray, symbolic of clouds, that your union may weather every storm of life. Gray, symbolic of humility and respect, that you may serve each other and your community. Violet, symbolic of mystery and romance, that you may always have more to discover about each other. Gold, symbolic of wisdom, that as you grow in age you may grow in insight.Gold, symbolic of wealth, that your union may be a treasure of happiness and a joy to you always.  Silver, symbolic of wisdom, that your union may be filled with wise choices.  Purple, symbolic of royalty, that your union may be worthy of respect and loyalty.  Lavender, symbolic of cleansing and spiritual healing.  Pink, symbolic of love, that your union may be filled with love eternal.”